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Sex, the City and a Facial

"Only Sarah Jessica Parker could pull this one off.

Ms Parker goes to her dermatologist. And she says, "Doc, you gotta check out this line called Epicuren".

So the guy, Dr Katchen, flies out to San Diego, checks it out, falls for it, flies back to New York, and opens an entire spa to highlight the line.

Thus was born SkinCareLab, one of the sleekest spa I've ever seen. Totally tucked away, the place is minimalist (all designed by Messana O'Rorke Architects). And the services? Killer. We had the facial, a deep-cleansing treatment based on the enzyme-protein-enriched complex by Epicuren. Whatever. Call it what you like: We walked out of there feeling hotter than Carrie herself. (We even indulged in a self-delusional shopping spree in SoHo).

SkinCareLab offers massages, waxing, and body exfoliation. And there's none of that wait-list, waiting room, chicks-looking-each-other-up-and-down attitude that usually comes with the territory in spa-land.

What we want to know is, if we go back enough times, will it make us look like S.JP.?"- Daily Candy 2001