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Dr Katchen and SkinCareLab featured in W Magazine in February 2005

"In New York, dermatologist Bradford Katchen, who sells so much Botox than he has an Allergan plaque hanging in his office identifying him as a "gold" level dispenser and who has also bought Allergan stock, threw a private dinner for magazine beauty editors last fall at which he listed Prevage among other launches, as "one of the most interesting new products" of 2005.

Allergan has developed excellent products in the past, admits Katchen. Dr Katchen has been using Prevage onhimself for the past few months and says that, so far, he likes the results. Plus, he points out, there is very little peer-reviewed literature on any cosmeceuticals, so this isn't any different. Prevage is an interesting new product, but time and more research will thell whether or not it is truly effective."