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Anti-Acne Treatment- 60 minutes $220 A topical hyperbaric oxygen system delivering breakthrough therapeutic anti-bacterial serums to clear your complexion

Pure Essential Derma Peel Treatment - 60 minutes $220 Microdermabrasion polishes the skin, reduces fine lines evens out pigmentation and clears pores



Swiss-Tech Revitalizing Treatment- 60 minutes $240 Firm and hydrate using formulas enriched with RNA and DNA plus collagen masks

Oxygen Rejuvenation Treatment- 60 minutes $300 Peptides, hyaluronic acid + anti-oxidants directly infused into the skin. Instantly hydrates and lift

The Works- 135 minutes $600 A multi-tiered treatment to refresh: a combination of microdermabrasion, oxygen treatment, and Gentle Waves will produce a visible glow. Reduces redness, increases hydration, and boosts your skin's collagen